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If You Know You Have Equal But

it’s not even what we got before or to the value that we are, then we still consider that to be not good enough. My name is Nate the Lord. If you are new here we talk about the law and the facts if you are about that life. Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel. What’s going on everybody My name is Nathan Lloyd.

You Guys Know Who I Am

you guys know already here so we’re talking about the U.s soccer team again and i got my boy Eric He’s actually on this side my way Eric Hundley from unstructured podcast link is in the description um you got to go to this guy’s channel. He he does everything he’s had the Tiger Queen on it what’s her name the the tiger Carol Baskin. Carol Baskett, Oh my god, Carol Baskin, How are you today Well. I’m great and I want to thank Brett as well for introducing me to you and to your viewers and body language experts and I’m talking about I’ve learned so much from this guy’s channel.

Its Ridiculous And You Can Learn

how to kill somebody and get away with it right Eric apparently this past week yeah Today we have a special guest Cia covert operator. I have to question his background any time. I see a bare bulb over a cia agent. I start officer. I start to sweat Gabby Potato.

Oh My God So And We Also

do a show called we also do a show called No Hoes Bart on locals, which is going to be also linked down in the description so you guys can check it out but today we are talking about. U. s soccer and the reason why I had Eric come on is because you know usually I talk about this with other attorneys, But I wanted somebody who was not an attorney to tell me if we are crazy if I’m just some crazy lunatic who is anti–anti-i’ve been told an anti-feminist anti–woman logic misogynist. I’m a huge misogynist now and because I hate all women. I can’t see why the women’s national team should win so you’re probably anti-lgbtq abcdefg too no not megan rappano right Oh yeah you’ll get all the labels so the U.

S National The Womens U.

s national team, the soccer the soccer team they are suing the Soccer Federation for equal pay now I’m going to give it to you in a nutshell. They went to court judge looks at the paperwork and says guess what ladies you got no case for equal pay why. reasons reason number one women you got paid more than the men not only overall, but on a per game basis right their rate of pay was higher and they got paid overall right number one pretty pretty pretty damning to an equal pay case. Don’t you think yeah yeah it does put a couple holes in the situation potentially like a bomb in your face Right Oh we actually got paid more who knew who knew number two.

The Women Negotiated The Deal That They Got

right they went in and said we want this deal this way so the judge is like well hold on you negotiated the deal you wind up getting paid more than the van and last, but not least you rejected the men’s deal right they offered you the same pay structure as the men and you said we don’t want that we want. guaranteed money we don’t want to play We don’t want this this men’s deal because the Men‘s deal essentially was a pay-to-play structure meaning if you don’t play in a game, you don’t get paid that’s what the men’s deal was and the women’s deal was We’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars per year to be alive right. We’re giving you guaranteed salary and a full benefits package so that’s really essentially the difference. They have bonuses too right and they also had bonuses, but their bonuses were smaller bonuses right because we’re giving you a hundred grand up front right time reward versus exact risk and yeah so it’s it was simple. The judge threw it out now the Women’s national team they sued right they sued and judge threw it out so now they are appealing so now during the appeal.

Two Things Happened The Mens National.

goes to the Women‘s national team and says we support you we support your fight for equal pay pay the women more that’s right pay the women more so U. s Soccer said you know what the big now The big issue with this case is simple fifa. If the the U. s Federation sends the Men’s team to go try to win the Men’s World Cup and that’s not going to happen right the men’s team sucks you know we it’s funny we in America.

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We Were A Land Of Immigrants

where we can’t get anybody from any other country you can kick a soccer ball most people don’t even know there’s a women’s. There’s a professional women’s soccer league called the National Women’s Soccer League. Did you know that i’ve heard of it but nobody watches it nobody watches it sorry that’s the the problem that we’re going to be. running into and it? It goes to a line of you’re criticizing the sport and it’s like no I’m being factual about a sport. You could be the best team in the world, but if you only fill out a thousand people in a 10 000 seat stadium, you’re losing they’ve appealed and two things have happened The men’s contract has expired that contract is done.

Boom Expired Is Gone Im In 2018

so what happens is if you have a collective burning group that expires but you’re still trying to work out a new deal. Then you still work under the provisions. You’re trying to maintain and yeah you have something to remember until you have something now so they’ve been working under the 2018 deal which is strictly if you don’t play in a game. You don’t get paid the same thing for the now the women’s contract. the the one that they negotiated and said This is the one we wanted signed and was cheering for that what ends this year the one that they sued and said wasn’t good enough that that one it ends this year.

It Ends At The End Of The

year, so U.s soccer said well listen we’re tired of the bs right the men’s team. They want to open their mouth and say equal pay the women’s team will open their mouth and they say equal pay so you know what we’re going to do. We’re going to just offer one contract to both teams and that contract is going to be equal all the way down so we don’t care all these finances that Eric was just talking about they’re combining it into one pie yes and just which is what I was talking about exactly which actually is completely. unfair going the other way and and I love it because it’s it’s calling them in out for white knighting thank you for helping us solve the problem.

Yeah Thank You For Contributing And

the men are going wait what I didn’t say that UK so that’s exactly what happened exactly what happened to say all right you know what boom so now so you would think equal pay right combine all the money split it 50 50. yeah there you go done right done men don’t like it women don’t like it right so the men no comment no comment you know they’re literally saying the U. s soccer’s trying to make us look like the bad guy right. They’re trying to split us up because look at the bad guy no naturally you said you wanted you said you supported equal pay it’s calling your bluff let’s get to. What this issue is about now because when the math is done with this new contract the equal pay deal here’s the equal pay deal.

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It Comes Out That The Women Are Actually

going to be paid less and the men are actually going to get paid more under this equal paid dynamic and the reason why is because the women were paid more for since since 2015 than the men, so they equal so when the numbers so when they did the calculations, they found out that the women would actually get paid less if we’re talking about equal pay and the men would get paid more so now Let’s listen to Alex Morgan‘s because now after you know the deal was offered listen very carefully to this is Alex Morgan, famous U.s soccer player. She’s actually the person who’s named on the lawsuit Suing U. s soccer and listen. Specifically what she says because now the fight was about equal pay, but now she’s gonna They’re gonna change They’re gonna their equal pay is gonna be still sad You’re gonna hear the words equal pay, but it’s not going to, but it’s gonna be changed a little bit right and we’re gonna hear stuff like well.

We Cant Get Less Than We

got before because equal pay needs more money for us not less money for but again let me not let me not spoil it. You guys listen to the question. Then we’ll listen to the answer and then we’ll get back um and I just wanted to get a response to the statement by U. s soccer last night and do you think this is a step closer to equal pay or are they trying to create a division between you and men’s team um well as a. Pa we still need to um chat about the statement given by U.

S Soccer, But You Know Any Commitment To Equal

pay publicly is good. However, we need to look line by line at what they’re actually providing because if you know you have equal, but it’s not even what we got before or to the value that we are. Then we still consider that to be not good enough so we will you know continue to work with U. s soccer moving forward looking towards equal and fair payment and treatment Oh well, I mean that that wraps it up.

They They Dont Want Equal Pay They Want

equal pay of a figure in their mind that they see and this is the to me. The crux of it is they have somehow got this impression that there’s x amount of money and they’re not getting their chunk. of it yeah and I I really believe that that’s whole thing and the problem is that’s like a big fantasy. You know it’s sort of like a Hollywood movie or something and I don’t even know what the accounting practices are, but fifa is not well known for their their efficiency.

So It Gets To Be Hilarious.

If she can’t make a statement that makes any kind of logical sense because she’s like well it can’t be it’s got to be but it can’t be let you know less than we had before and she’s kind of in a bind. You can see she’s in a bind. She’s doing a decent job with it all told.

Im Sure That Her Advisors Tipped

her off saying Oh we got a problem just just kick it along and say fair fair equal equal and things like that so to keep it. Keep the narrative going but again this is these are imaginary numbers. They they look at the whole and say well there’s 400 million or 400 billion or whatever goes into FiFa every year and well we’re.


Nathan Lloyd is talking about the U.&s soccer team again and i got my boy Eric Hundley from unstructured podcast link is in the description . Carol Baskett is a Cia covert operator . The Tiger Queen is the Tiger Queen. She is also a member of the team. She’s a huge misogynist now and because I hate all women. I can’t see why the women’s national team should win so you’re probably anti-lgbtq abcdefg too no not megan rappano right. I’ve been told an anti–anti-feminist anti–woman logic misogynist.& I’ve learned so much from this guy’s channel. It’s ridiculous and you can learn how to kill somebody and get away with it right Eric apparently this past week. I have to question his background any time. I see a bare bulb over a cia agent. I start to sweat Gabby Potato. The show is No Hoes Bart….. Click here to read more and watch the full video