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All Right Everyone How The World Cup Provides For

us an ideal nationalist vision for the world that’s we’ll be talking about on today’s video I’m sure many of you were enthusiastically watching the World Cup telecast from Russia over the last several days. As of today, we’re headed into the last 16. Of course the United States didn’t even qualify and so my kids have been rooting for Japan where my wife is from and where their grandparents are, but beyond just the sheer excitement and enjoyment of the World Cup. A number of scholars have noticed that this sports event is perhaps one of the single most celebrated forms of nationalism and populism. Let’s share it all over the world and so I just thought we would take a moment and reflect on how the World Cup actually offers to us a vision of what a post globalist.

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World Can Really Look Like I Mean

let’s let’s face it here our detractors. Those who warned us of the rise of nationalism. They view nationalism is dangerous They see it as a bad word. It’s all–echoing that the violence and atrocities you know the Nazi inspired fascism that they don’t see anything good coming out of this new conservative age that’s rising in our myths. They agree wholeheartedly with the political project of Western elites, particularly in Europe, who are ideologically dedicated as one scholar put it to diluting their national identities into the broader European Union, but one of the ways that we can sort of whimsically counter.

These Concerns Is Actually By Pointing To The

World Cup as an ideal for this rising nationalist populist world, now of course, sports particularly international sports competition. They’ve always embodied national sentiments right the ancient Panhellenic games were. Marked by fans and politicians who celebrated their representative of athletes victories with local fanfare. The individual city states often minted coins to celebrate their victories and of course here in the state baseball’s National League in the National Football League. They were both formed to create a sense of unity and national identity and in fact sports played a huge role in fostering a sense of national identity.

After Our Civil War At The

end of the 19th century baseball games regularly played on July the 4th or Independence Day followed by football and Thanksgiving that emerged in the early 20th century and the national anthem became the staple invocation for virtually all sporting events shortly after World War two and so today here in the States and of course, around the world modern sport national and identity are in many respects absolutely inseparable, but there’s something particularly special. about the game of soccer or as the rest of the world calls it football right so for my American viewers When I use the term football, you’re I’m not talking about the UK or American football, soccer or football is of course the single most watched sporting event in the world and when all is said and done. A number of scholars have recognized that World Cup football really is perhaps the grandest spectacle of nationalism that the world sees if you think it through the World Cup is at its heart a grand pageant of nation-states and so this is why scholars like Sarah Lipkis over at the World Policy Institute they’ve observed that the sport of soccer football is particularly effective in cultivating a sense of national identity fans. Dress in their national team colors they wait the flags of their nations. They shout slogans and sing.

In Their Native Language, All Of This

contributes to a sense of belonging, a sense of nationalism. They’re proud of their team. They’re proud of their home their country their nation, Argentina, for example, has said of its squad. We are not just a team. We are a country.

We Are Not Just A Team.

We are a country. When Panama qualified for the World Cup for the first time Yes beating out the United States, they knocked us in the 5th place which you know to qualify. But when Panama qualified for the first time. The president there declared the day a national holiday and the nation just erupted into festivities so it’s no exaggeration in the least to say that the World Cup provides the opportunity for squads to take on the hopes and dreams of a nation.

They Tek They Take On All Of Its

nationalistic symbolism. and echoes of a nation’s, customs and culture and tradition, and they and in a sense put put it all on the line in sports competition right the embody the struggle that all nations have to go through, but as they go through it together as a single unified people and hence football itself is able to galvanize that kind of unity in the midst of just such a competition. It’s nothing short of an extraordinary mechanism for fostering nationalist sentiments and of course this is equally true of the host nation you’re right this year being Russia again. Lipkis notes that through massive construction policies upgraded infrastructure and a number of related projects hosting countries have the opportunity to paint a picture to the world of tremendous growth right exciting opportunities in terms of economic development, tourism and just a simply a deep sense of nationalism, but what’s also. Going on is very interesting is that this nationalism that we see in both team and host country is on display for all the world to see and share and this isn’t a nationalism that’s trying to conquer the world.

Oh That Would Be Globalism Job Globalism Wants

to conquer the world. I know this nationalism. Neither is it sequestered from the rest of the world creating its own little enclaves where leave us alone you know rather the World Cup at its best represents a parade of Nations that together make up a grand collage or tapestry of mutually beneficial and edifying and cooperative cultures, customs and traditions now. In all of this what’s so fascinating is that globalization is still part of this nationalist vision of the world. Globalization is still there it hasn’t gone anywhere, but here’s the key what’s so important to this World Cup vision.

Of A National World Globalization Is Still

there, but it’s no longer a master over nations but rather now a servant to nations Globalization is no longer master. It’s now a servant that is the new nationalist vision of life. Globalization is simply no longer there to erase the differences between nations or Eclipse the cultural identities of populations instead when it comes to the world. Kopp globalization is a servant to a nationalist vision of life in the world. So for example, in one sentence globalization is help make soccer go global right right.

Globalization Has Helped Soccer Cross Borders

and enter into the hearts and lives of many populations all over the world. Moreover, within this nationalist vision of the world, there’s this fascinating diversity within the teams themselves again fully within nationalist sentiments. So for example, this rider I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing his name right. But I believe it’s knish the roar of the New York Times. He notes that for example, that back in 2014 more than 60% of the Moroccan team was born outside in Morocco right and some of these players are obviously more comfortable speaking French or Flemish or Dutch than Moroccan Arabic right.

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Im Assuming Its Probably The Same This

year in Russia and Russia hosting the the cup and of course most of the players who play for the respective teams play outside of their nation during the year, like in the English League or the Italian League. Even a third of Portugal‘s and Switzerland‘s teams for example, this is again back in 2014 were born outside of those nations and yet to me. This is the key and yet this kind of diversity that comes through the process of globalism. Louis conditions does not take away in the. least from the sense of nationalist fervor and pride and identity that fans have for their respective teams.

Whats So Fascinating Too Is That

again back in 2014 more than three billion people watched the World Cup as was broadcast from ZIl and this writer for The New York Times made a very interesting observation that many if not most of these fans were watching from around the world. Don’t even have a national team, so for example, nearly a billion people watching the World Cup or watching from CHina Indonesia and India right and this author noted too that when he was walking around the streets of Calcutta in India. During the last World Cup, he kept seeing the colours of the flags of Argentina and Brazil as those nations were attracting new fans who can root for them when their own nations were not being represented just like. We’re seeing with my kids and and Japan and so In this way scholars have noted that the World Cup really is a universal theatre where individual national identities are indeed welcomed as part of the exciting mosaic of a wider world.

This I Would Argues The World Cups

nationalist vision for the world and so as we continue to enjoy the exciting sports competition telecast from Russia’s We anticipate the final two teams competing for the ultimate prize. Remember we’re not just witnessing a sporting event. We’re witnessing and indeed celebrating the glories of a nationalist vision of life as always please like comment and subscribe click on that Patreon link below become a monthly supporter of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events in light of these awesome conservative trends, so that you can personally and professionally flourish PLus.


How the world cup provides for us an ideal nationalist vision for the world that’s we’ll be talking about on today’s video . The World Cup offers to us a vision of what a post globalist.& world can really look like I mean let’s face it here our detractors. They view nationalism as dangerous. They see it as a bad word. Let’s share it all over the world. All right everyone? How the World Cup provides . for us . How the . world can sort of whimsically counter. these concerns is actually by pointing to the . ideal for this rising nationalist populist world, now of course, sports particularly international sports competition. We’ll talk about this video. We’re going to talk about the . video. You can watch it all around the world, we’re headed into the last 16 of the last . of the World … of today, we’ll see it all across the world’re going to see it again. We’ll talk about…. Click here to read more and watch the full video