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Hello, Hello Welcome To Another Episode Of The Chrissy

Mayer podcast We are on itunes, Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud and if you’re listening to us right now on itunes go ahead and give us a five-star review. I’m taping an album guys an album a special whatever you guys want to call it. Some of you have been giving me flack calling me a boomer for calling it an album. But January 6. I am recording an album at Governors in Levittown and I’m doing a bunch of shows leading up to it to prepare.

Ill Be With Comedians Of The Compound.

December 11th at Tiff‘s, Ale House in Morris Plains, then I’ll be headlining the Hartford Funny Bone. December 12th then December 13th. I’ll be at the Looney Bin in Little Rock and then back to Texas. December December 15th and 16th at Hyenas in Dallas with Ehrenberg and Anthony Kumia and then a couple more dates before that album recording So I want to see you guys there buy your tickets All that good stuff quick shout out to my sponsor.

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Melissa Mccutchen, an artist and former professor who quit due to the corruption of academia. She publishes at least once a week on topics designed to offer some hope and insight into the bizarre group think world. We’re currently living in you can subscribe at standalone. substance. com it’s free and there are some really valuable bits of advice regarding individual empowerment and ways to stay true to your principles in the face of adversity.

She Just Published A Piece About The Wave

of resignations. We’re seeing in response to the vaccine mandates for companies with a hundred or more employees. And she weaves in the story of her own decision to leave academia so go read and subscribe at standalone. com all right. I’m very excited to bring in this panel today you’ve seen them all on previous episodes so you know you’ll love them.

Im Going To Bring In Our First

guest. She’s a little bit of a she’s a sassy Internet. I don’t know how to intro you Ashton Birdie welcome to the show Nice to have you again thank you for having me Next guest is the host of get off my lawn on censored Tv Gavin McGinnis Nice to see you again. Sir also the best dressed male guest. I’ve I’ve ever I’ve ever had on the show for now for now and last but not least he is half of the in hot water show on compound media Gino Bisconti hey hey your Mic is on.

I Can Hear You Gavin.

I can hear you. I thought it was just like I was going. I would say I was saying Boo earns no one’s who learns so so we’re all gathered here today. I’m sure a lot of our listeners and viewers know who mark Maron is but to give a little bit of background on him.

He Hes Basically.

I don’t know I think of him as like the oprah of the podcasting world he started out kind of at the at the bottom he was. I don’t know kind of a pioneer one of the first comics to have kind of a really big popular podcast and now it seems according to his most recent episode um of his WTF podcast is it seems like he’s kind of to me came off very anti-free speech and it pisses me off and we’re gonna do. live listen to it All it pisses me off because it seems like he’s changing his tune now that he has all the success to protect and a name to protect and to me it kind of feels like pulling up the ladder with you you’ve reached the top. Nobody else can do what you did.

And I Know Gavin You

had a little bit of experience with him. In a story that is is pretty interesting to share yeah, so Mark Maron personifies La and La is I will kill my own mother to get a gig to get a movie to get in anything so you’re dealing with the lowest dregs of humanity. It’s very rare that anyone there can like get married have a kid have a normal life. They’re all bleep parasites who bleep young girls and um i’m in i’m buying oh never mind. come on Some of them exist in New York believe it or not um, but but what what what’s particularly galling about Mark Maron is.

He Has This Whole Caveting Stereotype Of Like

Oh I’m so bleep up in the head. I don’t know what’s going on broken. I need therapy I’m so it’s sort of like the guy from curb Richard Lewis that’s like Oh, I don’t know what’s going on with me I’m nuts so what he does is. He gets an intern that’s like 21 bleep your brains out. She thinks Oh okay I’m dating Marc Maron now and then he’s like I gotta break up with you.

Im So Crazy.

I don’t know what’s going on. Oh this this thing I gotta talk to my therapist this thing’s broken and then he moves on to the next chick like at least you know Leonardo Dicaprio These. Other these other Hollywood people are honest and they’re just like I like bleep young girls and you turned 26 and that’s gross so I’m going out to a 22-year-old again like they have no bones about it but mark has managed to pitch himself as like this wonderful. He’s part of that whole Boston scene Janine Garofalo, David cross Louis Ck even bleep what’s his name that he keeps bitching about white woman Gilbert Bill Burr.

Hes Part Of That Whole Scene.

He moves to la and then he does the podcast thing and then he starts smelling that political correctness is the way to go and he starts running with it. So I met him around. Then this would be like 10 years ago, and he was just realizing that it was time to say bleep you to the edgy background he had and move on. to woke politics now you still get to bleep young girls as long as you pretend that you got this crazy brain.

Oh This Brain Its Not You.

It’s me Oh yeah yummy. I gotta keep bleep jigs seems so neurotic. Oh, I’m so neurotic. I need more blow jobs.

Its Crazy That Always That Always Calms

my boyfriend down what is it with me. I need more blow jobs from 21-year-olds this brain. So I did it I did WTf because I was promoting my movie how to be a man and we had an argument in his stupid little bleep garage where he shoots the show and we were talking about education and how it’s systemic and blah blah and I go no it’s not systemic education sucks because you can’t fire teachers, public schools are a mess we’ve been spending this much money A 45. degree angle from 1950 till now and the grades have not budged because it’s communist you can’t fire teachers and he goes well no no. It’s intrinsic in the society and the parents and Blah Blah.

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He Goes Its Not Like Theres One

magical fix that could fix all of education and I go yeah. There is mark make it possible to fire a teacher it’s called charter schools. It’s called the free market. If you can fire a teacher they stop being so bleep incompetent and then there was silence after that and I bleep freeze-dried the guy on his own podcast. So then.

I Go Is That Going To Air Soon

because the movie’s coming out and he’s like Oh we’re still just i’m still the woman who i face bleep who’s 22 years old that I’m probably lying to you Oh you’re adorable you’re adorable all right. So then I I did this article called transphobias perfectly natural, where I clearly stated and proved that they’re not different genders. They’re just mentally ill gays and that blew up it went viral. I lost my ad agency. I got fired blah Blah Blah and then Marc Maron was able to say Oh.

I Cancelled The Podcast Because We Hadnt Covered

the trans thing and I I didn’t know it was a transphobe and if we had covered the transphobia. Then I would have released it so that was all a lie. He didn’t release it because I fried him on education, which isn’t very sexy, but he chose the sexy route and said Oh He we cancelled it because that because he’s a bleep Bolshevik. He’s a lying piece of bleep self–indulgent bleep for brains who will do anything he can to get ahead and that includes throwing. the bus when it comes to free speech you get to a certain level and then you say bleep you Howard stearns the same way.

He Says Alex Jones Shouldnt Have Said

that bleep about Sandy hook he bleep up you mean the guy who literally made a girl have a orgasm over the phone like made her sit on her like I think he’s like I’ve been saying a lot of people have that you know it’s fun to watch the left fall all over itself, but the new thing that we get to watch the left trip over is the lines they draw that keep winding up behind them like howard stern doing that howard stern saying watching a chick jerk off and calling him Gary the bleep and suddenly oh he can’t say bleep and nothing and my favorite my new favorite is Jimmy Kimmel, who sits. There and dances like a Goddamn monkey and says well the reason Kamala Harris is a 27 approval rating well aside from the fact aside from misogyny and misogyny and racism, what do you think’s worse? What do you think’s worse like the shifting being in la as everything shifts and just clinging on for life and saying stuff that you don’t even believe or God forbid even worse that you believe it and you’ve got to be to a place where you’re like I’m hosting a late night show for a country that is racist and misogynistic. They get to just sit there and be like oh the line’s behind me now and I’ve just got to throw everyone bleep under the bus, so no one notices it’s a bleep party. It’s a party to watch for normal people. I never realized how much the media loved cops until.

Kamala Harris Came Around Because They Always Want

to point out the misogynist and the racism card, but everyone point out the fact that maybe people don’t like her because she literally put innocent men in jail for having marijuana personnel. You know these people are hated if it ever makes it to Kamala’s actual policies which sucks bleep it’s like Obama ask anyone who voted for Obama like back in when did he win, Oh wait what what was your favorite policy of his that you you voted for and it’s just black yeah He was a black man. I would have my parents are the epitome of I would have voted for Obama for a third term. If I really it’s like these are people who voted for him.

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Chrissy Mayer brings in guest Melissa Mccutchen, an artist and former professor who quit due to the corruption of academia . Mayer is recording an album at Governors in Levittown and is doing a bunch of shows leading up to it to prepare . Mayer will be headlining the Hartford Funny Bone on December 11th, December 13th and December 15th and 16th at Hyenas in Dallas with Ehrenberg and Anthony Kumia and then a couple more dates before that album recording . Mayer: “I want to see you guys there buy your tickets. All that good stuff quick shout out to my sponsor. I’m going to bring in our first guest. The panel today you’ve seen them all on previous episodes so you know you’ll love them. You know you’ll love them” Click here to read and subscribe at standalone.& for the latest episode of the podcast. Back to the page you can listen to itunes, Youtube,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video