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Get Out The Wheel Giancarlo Esposito As Professor X.

He would do obviously a great job at playing with genius like a super genius that’s also kind of egotistical. We are going people say rock stars The X-men are celebrating their 20th anniversary on the big screen. It’s the film that launched Kevin Feige as a Marvel producer and now that his precious mutants are back under that sweaty ball cap Fans are speculating that everyone from G Carlo Esposito and Logan co-star Daphne Keene could be part of this UK reboot but if not the X-men, where will they go. This is rogue theory.

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nerdy hot takes and a high-stakes shootout I’m Erik Bosse and the all-stars go and broke with me today included our good buddy and resident Gotham expert Tommy back tol Hello I’m back at my mom’s house isn’t. a flat circle you just also with this college humor comedian and writer Jessica Clemens welcome back to the show Hi! This time I changed out my family photo for a good old-fashioned Andy Warhol theme to cat photos Yeah It’s it’s all of our true families right the cat no it’s baby I had to switch em out they weren’t as cool and someone added me at the comments about it like I don’t want to bring my family and of course mastermind of all things Nerdy Joshua van Shire Jobin welcome back to the show. My friend that’s right joven Macho Man Shire here taking you down I’m the cream of the crop of going rogue my friend, Oh yes Wow UK feel a good energy coming off. You guys well that’s unfortunate because that’s all I had I’ve got big mom energy right now what that. means but I’ve got some big mom energy I’m gonna bring orange slices.

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Im Gonna Make Sure Everybodys Blood

Sugar’s up and if anyone needs to take a break. I’ve got a cold compress and covered in a paper towel that you can put on your head Okay Don’t be late to pick me up from soccer well let’s dive into it It’s been a big week for the X-men. It’s there’s a fascinating article about the original X-men film that reassured us how Kevin Feige was actually the voice of comics reason on that set staying faithful to characters backstories making sure Wolverines hair shut it out from his head at just the right angle. I imagine him with a protractor going up to new Jackman’s head but we also got some exciting news this week from Giancarlo Esposito Gus Fring for Breaking Bad in bet across all mouths. The Mandalorians Stan Edgar from the Boys sees the twos coming up.

He Straight Have Confirmed In An Interview

that a Marvel role would likely be his next step for his career. He’s saying like he knows something he knows something he said he’s been turning down smaller roles in MarvelNK] shows so that he could play a larger role and a major title Forget you Jessica Jones season 3. I had asked for title on my resume that I’m priming the space for I would hear from you guys how do you think Kevin Feige could use G Carl Esposito to reboot the X-men or some other upcoming UK event Tommy why don’t I go first all right. I got this you know yeah I do think he definitely was you getting approached to do a Netflix show because I have a little inside information that the leads. of those shows were all put under contract.

It Said That They Could Not Play Other

character would not play other Marvel characters because they might be called to play their characters and UK movies. If Marvel decided to do that so no Matt Murdock right there so well. We had all the information about a possible Punisher reboot this week Right so there is chance that Jon Bernthal will play Punisher Frank Castle again in some sort of UK property anyway. So I look at the quote in that article and Giancarlo Esposito said that he wanted to play a character that really did change the world through their actions and I know a lot of people have been speculating a villain because of what Giancarlo Esposito does he plays bad guys so well, but I think he might be playing the maybe one of the greatest heroes in the in the UK Professor X Charles Xavier. I think that this will be woven into the tapestry of the UK as we’ll see him first arrive and I know I sound like a broken record in a post-credits scene in Doctor Strange of the multiverse of Madness I.

Do Think That This Movie Is

going to be kind of a doorway to many other MArvel properties. Just it’s built on the kind of the axis of multiverses and interdimensional goings. -on I’ll say so I think that this really will open the door for all these properties to be kind of intertwined into the UK without it seeming to Shoehorn did so how I think it’s gonna happen is is this Doctor Strange in a post credit somewhere in the in the actual movie he’s going to get it address and the address is a mysterious location in Westchester and it turns out to he gets there and it looks like it’s just this very expensive private school for children and then we’ll get Benedict Cumberbatch saying something snarky like well you guys seem a little short. Maybe I’m a little too tall to be here and just as he’s about to leave you’ll hear Oh Steven you made it then a beautiful British accent ish type thing it out will wheel Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X so what that’s going to see is where we go from there and stop Frustrates then says now I have someone I want you to meet and we’re not going to see who that is that’s going to the screen is gonna go black, but who he is going to meet is magic magic from the X-men who we know in some comic book storylines does actually succeed Stephen strange as the Sorcerer Supreme Yeah, so I believe this is going to be a kind of like almost a mentor-mentee yeah there we go magic it’s time Colossus has had his day at the Sun. It’s time for a little Sis.

To Get Her Moment So Yeah I Dont

think we we won’t we we won’t get that yet but that’s going to ultimately be who they’re going to see so I know we wanted to set this up as a movie so I will say this fall. Giancarlo Esposito is taking a break from being bad This time Charles Xavier is no chicken brother ah Yes in a three-minute post-credit scene after dr. strange we have Giancarlo Esposito as Professor X Aaron Paul as Warren Worthington. The 3rd aka Angel and Elle Fanning as a placeholder for magic. I could be someone better than al Fanny but I just watch the great and I feel like she could pull it off well.

Its Someone Someone Stop Me If Im Wrong

here is it are we gonna see magic in the New Mutants isn’t that one of the characters and then. New Mutants, but it’s the new me is really gonna be tied into all is it actually going to release yeah it’s in some way for sure it’s gonna happen so insert whatever actress is playing Magic in the New Mutants in for whatever I just said in in post-John if you’re editing this just dub over my mouth and say whatever that actress is you can even do it a silly voice if you want Tommy that is fascinating. I love the idea of a three–minute post-credits scene. I guess we have seen some post-credits scenes just keep going on and on and on Hobson. Shaw had like 10 post-credit scenes and I’m like how is that eager let’s see what comes next know what I do love about.

That Is Just The Idea Of Of Charles

Xavier and Stephen strange already being friends you know as opposed. know we’re wondering where they are like I think some people forget like well if the x-men have been here the whole time Why haven’t we seen them It’s just like well because the camera just didn’t pivot left 20 degrees like they’re there like they could’ve been helping and all do battle they fight in New York we only saw like you know Upper Manhattan yeah and I think that was my favorite part of or one of my favorite parts in Avengers endgame how we just saw this the ancient one battling the Chitauri. It’s like yes exactly all the people just because they’re movies hadn’t come out yet doesn’t mean these people weren’t involved in these fights. So for sure Charles Xavier could have been helping out in all kinds of ways it’s just the camera hasn’t shown that yet so that’s as simple as it needs. Be this is chicken cutlets.

Macedo Rolls Out At His Wheelchair Ah

yes Steven, my old friend remember how in these past things how I did this and I did that and actually a curb stomped one of the Chitauri and that’s why I’m in this wheelchair right now Because these can’t actually handled that Chitauri skull intentional strength that it’s simple it’s simpler than even the wires, making it right now I’m making it too hard so who wants to go next. I can go next I will try and follow that so I think that Esposito will come back into the UK plane. As Doctor Doom now hear me out. I need Dr. Doom to come back.

We Need To See Dr.

doom again. I feel like every time you see Dr. Doom. We have such a different origin story for whatever he’s doing and I I really.

Love The Lab Experiment Blowing Up But

I also want to see and maybe if we do get another and so I’m trying not to spoil my own spoiler for you guys. I feel like if we get and what I think we’re gonna see them in is our like our newest Avengers movie with the newer Avengers so when Florence Pugh is coming in when Anthony Mackie is playing Captain America I think their villain and that one is gonna be Doctor Doom because he’s like equivalent to Thanos, but he’s a lot more aggressive. I think also we want to see Black Panther come back. So I feel like they’ll tie that one in will get Spider-man coming back and possibly possibly will get Monica from the Captain Marvel series She’s yeah so I’m like Cuz I’ve been rooting for her to come in I need young black. superheroes coming back in this world, I need more than Shuri like I think one of the people in Black Panther so I was like I’ve been counting down the time for this so I feel like I would love him playing Professor X obviously that is amazing but I love Doctor Doom so much He’s such a good story that I don’t want him to just go under the rug.

I Feel Like People Are Like Yeah.

We see him a lot but it’s like we haven’t seen him and I feel like Esposito would do a good job because he has that silky voice. He’s very smart. He’s sexy just like Dr. doom.

I Think You Would Do Obviously A Great

job of playing a genius like a super genius that’s also kind of egotistical and just kind of cynical. So I guess if we’re setting up the trailer for that movie January 10th My birthday 2026 2020. We release this later this due to technical difficulties but we where we open an obviously an underground bunker lab. They love those scenes baby every other scientist working on computers right and I assume that’s where all scientists work now in bunker damn straight hey they’re working on the computer and they they’re like we’re getting a signal there’s something coming something large it’s like who is it is it a person isn’t an animal and they’re like we don’t know and then it goes Anthony Mackie coming down and he’s like what’s it up what was it chief to Samuel Jackson of course and Samuel Jackson. ‘s like something that we can’t figure out and it’s coming very fast and it’s coming quick.

Im Talking Like Jaws Quick And

it’s dr.. Doom and he’s like we need to get everybody on this and he’s like I already did The elevator opens and he’s like is that Suri and she goes Nyet and it’s flooring getting all the Avengers back together and the end of that movie is the Stinger of Deadpool and the beach in Hawaii and he gets a phone call and he goes I missed another one yeah that’s where I think he will be I want to see him in the Avengers movies I wanted to see him again. I want to see Doctor Doom yeah Oh Jessica. I have to say like when you’re going through your trailer.

It Did Have A Bit Of

the Rickett 42 brother. It’s like and and there’s also grandmas and they’re gonna cross the tech and sombrero. It’s just no I think she Carlos Mencia would be great for Doctor Doom. Because like Yeah, he would bring so much immediate gravitas to that role like people would see his cast to be like Yep Yeah, I’m already afraid of this guy like what kind of villainy he can bring to this and I already kind of get where he’s coming from Also like Zuko can play like a Latvian like a made-up country like I had to look this up I thought he was like he had the same kind of Latino roots that Gus Fring has and he does it. He’s natural and he’s like Yeah He’s like part Danish part Italian like so he could just play anything anything and then let be Rhea could be anywhere sure Yeah Yeah so I love that idea and I’m waiting to award points until later I’m gonna make this a big reveal at the end in case you’re wondering who’s getting.

Roadies So Joven Tell Us What She

got well well it’s my turn well. You both bring up very interesting points one giving him a protagonist role and the other giving him in an anti and antagonist role well. He’s he’s gonna show up and he’s gonna show up a little bit further down the road because you know Kovetz pushing everything back he’s not necessarily cast yet so this movie is probably gonna wind up in phase 5. Now you guys end it with your little trailer pitch I’m gonna start with mine just let me paint you. This scene blade is going through the halls of a castle.

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Finally Caught Up To The Main

villain of the first Blade movie Lilith that’s right got some great characters great casting one of Blades strongest foes in fact, but of course blade wins that fight and as he’s about to. win and and finish off Lilith. She says you might have defeated me, but you’ve only angered my father and then from the shadows comes out Mr. . Esposito and he is her father.

Dracula Thats Right He Is Going To Be

like the Thanos of like the Marvel like horror stuff that we’re gonna be getting on the side where Dracula’s kind of in charge of like all like the monsters and bad guys of the demons and all that kind of fun stuff because you this guy’s got gravitas. He’s got class He’s immortal just like his career. So I think having him play as as the big bad over like a few different blade movies maybe popping in some other stuff here and there maybe some UK show appearance also because there’s what’s happening with the Avengers is great. We’re also gonna be getting X-men and we’re gonna. Fantastic Four? We need some real draw and some real attention on the other side of Phase 5.

So Im Thinking Hes Gonna Be Our

Dracula and now that we have a better idea of his of his origin of his of where he’s actually from you know he’s got that that European aesthetic going for him already so just go the distance plus we really need a fixed Dracula from Blade Trinity so that that’s the way to go Wow that would be fascinated to see like I can imagine those headlines right like Gus Fring. Now is Dracula and you know like he’s he knows like that darkness so well and like he does come from this like like horror inspired place and yeah. It’s gonna be a very difficult line. I think for Marvel to walk of embracing these like classic horror supernatural things whenever they do. explore Ghost Rider and Blade and Mephisto and Lilith and all these other things that they’re clearly headed toward and I feel like Giancarlo.

Esposito Can Definitely Do That Me Because

he’s got that presence that just kind of its eerie it’s intimidating you don’t know what direction of bad things are gonna go while he’s standing in the room for sure that’s our Dracula alright so for each of your theories. I think there’s you did a great job introducing who you want Jicarilla zero to play and and what that trailer could look like but now here’s your chance to condense it all into a tweet really just like no use that word economy. You only have 240 characters. This is where you got to sell it with just a tweet. You’re working for the Marvel marketing department and here’s a chance to redeem anything that you felt.

Unsure About I I Can Trust All You

guys need to give you time to cope with some real sexy upgrade for what your tweet some real tweet redemption here and I can’t wait to hear your final bottom lines, but I’m gonna give you some time to do this first I want to thank a sponsor of this episode Helix sleep so everyone the world is insane right now we’re all under a lot of stress. You’re probably not sleeping great. I know I’ve been having trouble some sleeping, but this is how Helix has been helping me out Helix sleep makes these personalized mattresses made right here in America right to your door free no contact delivery free returns a hundred night sleep trial to choose a mattress. Hilux made a two-minute quiz that matches your body type and sleep references to the perfect matches for you. Hilux.

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Im Not Gonna Choke On Him

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but as over $70 worth of gearing side get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at box of awesome comm and enter the code rogue at checkout that’s box of awesome calm and code rogue for 20% off your first box and we’re back okay. We are gonna return to these theories and I’m gonna award some points I got a bronze and a silver and a gold. It’s. These are gonna be distributed based off the quality of your tweets Redemption who’s going first Oh Sure alright so mine is based on that popular tweet format. Yeah sex is cool or yeah sex is great.

So Mine Is Yeah Sex Is Cool But

if you tried. Gia Giancarlo Esposito in charge of X-men School I love that you worked in the format. Dice is next so it’s in a very out of the box type cast announcement. We actually have a tweet from Marvel that says We’re still trying to apologize for blade Trinity and I think the only way we can fix Dracula now is maybe with this and then it’s a it’s a gif of Gus walking out and Breaking Bad and fixing his tie ah yes nice Nice and Jessica um do you want the silly one or the sillier one what a great option what a Sophie‘s Choice right now let’s go sillier Oh No okay let’s assume that you know Disney‘s super cool and really care what goes on there. Twitter it’s the same guy that runs the Wendy‘s Twitter account he said or it says we’ve all heard of Triple H but have you heard of Triple D and there’s his hashtag Doctor Doom Daddy I’m.

John Esposito Play With Like The Mask Off

on Dr. Doom’s body Of course I also like the nod to Blade Trinity with Triple H They’re very nice Ok for this round I will be awarding bronze to Tommy Bottom Line Bechtold only because I know we’re gonna be to what we’re talking about next and that is your forte so I’m gonna give you some room to grow or he’s over silver goes to UK and shire for your theory. I am Barry it just to see general Isuzu does Dracula and Gold goes to Jessica Clemens because the trailer Cuz your two brothers style trailer so great and getting in that Triple D in there oh nice so what song are we all gonna hum for your national anthem. On this Olympic Pedestal can we do like baby got back does everybody know what a fun one to hum that’s good all right we’re now gonna move on to our discord rogue theory. So every week we play a game of rogue theory with our patrons on new rock stars official discord server.

This Week We Had Some Patrons Pitch

theories about how Yelena below this character will continue to impact the UK after the Black Widow movie and we had some really really really good theories this week, including some strong ones from Gold Komodo and Spanish 2002. But it was Pharaoh Jeff that won the contest with this theory that included some sick references to the Itsy-bitsy Spider comics working in some of that dialogue because that was some great dialogue and it ended with what I firmly hope is the post-credits scene from one of these movies. Alayna beloved getting recruited by Nick Fury, director of Sword Yeah to become a new Avenger well done was it theory I just assume that’s what’s actually happening right right Yeah that’s got it This guy’s got a look at the script right or he rates or maybe just Murrow Jeff is a is Kevin Feige great Kisser Jeff intense new director wouldn’t that be funny cuz that’s where he’s get his theories from but some weeks he doesn’t win, which is crazy I mean I mean Yeah Yeah Sometimes the the fan theory is better than that just. Keyboard Yes Sinan you’ll all see you’ll all see well you guys watching can play to have your Theory read on an episode of rogue theory in the future by becoming a patron of new rock stars at Patreon,. com slash new rock stars all right onto our next topic.

Last Week.

NK] Max announced a new series about the Gotham police departments set in the same universe as the upcoming Matt Reeves Robert Pattinson Batman film So Jeffrey Wright is playing Commissioner Gordon in that film it’s looking like he’s gonna be the star of this series and I’m guessing it’s gonna feature less of Robert Pattinson in every episode of The Dark Knight Kind of similar to the Gotham series on Fox that was Tommy’s favorite show for years Yeah obsessed with it well definitely not definitely not a paid endorsement well Hey I mean I liked a lot. lot of that series, but I’m very very excited for this new UK version of Because I feel like it can really go into some of the like the grittier aspects of police scene and lately folks writers all across the UK and film industry are refocusing how they depict police scene on screen. Brooklyn nine-nine s writing staff throughout the scripts for their first four episodes and they’re starting fresh it’s a very interesting time. This is like a ripe opportunity for UK to depict new themes and police scene that maybe evolved this show from the standard you know Law

Order Bad Guy Of The Week

who procedurals were they just kind of like move on to a new case, and they never show the lasting impact of how the justice system affects these people’s lives they just kind of like go they’re thrown away in prison. We never see what happens to those families the victims or the perpetrators? So I think there’s an exciting time to really show the reality of police scene and I feel like that that’s gotta be what this got them said she was gonna focus on in addition to expanding the world of like the Bat Waves Batman universe. It’s made in the world of what it really means to to be a cop and in the modern world so I want to pitch. I would hear pictures from you guys how this Gotham Central show could could expand the this new Batman universe and tackle police and on UK in a way that we haven’t seen before I could go first only because I think I’ve watched the least amount of God like I watched a season and I got like two episodes into the next one and I. was like okay This is exploding my head.

Its A Ridiculous Show.

It’s absolutely insane and it’s so much. Rachel shoved in at once and I’m like trying to keep track and I’m like Oh my God so I’m not talking crap though for Fox no one please get it but yeah so it seemed like and feel free to correct me. I feel like with gotham Fox that Fox’s gotham that it stopped becoming about the police officers more than it became about the details of a villains and then the buildings had just such like kind of archaic big like theatrical such weird things going on that it was just like Oh too much so I’m hoping that what I what I personally want to see from the UK show that’s gonna go to UK is they to splice it together with how they’re handling Watchmen and how. I want it to be as real as possible, but I also want them to like expand the world of Gotham.

I Want Them To I Honestly

kind of when we bring in like static. I would love to see Cyborg show also has such like a dynamic background story. It could definitely be applied to Gotham itself and then I think like Commissioner Gordon will still be like the case. I think it’ll be more of the fact of he’s kind of in the world where there’s a lot of a lot of corruption. So he’s just gonna be like the one good light around everything that’s happening bad.

We Might See Like A Side Of The

Wayne family that we don’t want to see that makes them look negative. I think it’s gonna be like exploring so much more of that world, but I do want them to. handle it how they do Watchmen, whereas like it’s still that move that show came out a while ago and it’s still very prominent especially today where the racism and like police brutality is a big deal and it’s so hard to like hopefully. I want them to approach it with like open arms and obviously with a diverse writers room because that’s the thing that Brooklyn nine-nine also has is that they have a very diverse writing room. A very diverse head of cast and with a lot of UK shows and a lot of Marvel things there’s not a lot of black people.

Then Anthony Mackie Even Brought That Up Recently

how he was like Oh! There’s not a lot of brown and white people on set or behind the scenes or in front of the camera too so it’s like I want them to take it and like they can do so well with it, but they need to open their doors in their mind so what’s happening in the world and acknowledge it because even though Gotham is not a really world. It’s still a situation where we’re like we don’t want to root for the bad guy, Oh, you know Jessica you bring up some really good points, especially about like revisiting the Wayne family because you know they’ve always been like heralded as these patron saints of Gotham were cut down too early but like I mean no one’s like that in real life like there are good people who. died, but everyone’s got like you know a mixed bag in terms of what they have been in their careers. If you have just seen to see if there’s skeletons in their closet. Doesn’t mean Batman himself has to be bad be interesting to like revisit this see if that factors into it alright who is next next so yeah I have had the pleasure of watching every episode of Fox’s, Gotham and Like and Jessica was right on what happened to that shows it became I mean.

Literally They Named One Of The

seasons Gotham I think UK villains like it was finally in the last season or two just kind of gave up the gave up the brews that it was gonna be about the UK and instead it was like no we’ve created. These are just basically one-degree camera lens in lighting darker character has done the Adam West Batman. They were fairly can’t be very larger-than-life this as was perfect he was amazing that guy, but he but he went on to greener pastures on Berry, where he was given more to do. If that actor there were several. I mean even the guy who played penguin was a huge Robin Lauren Taylor huge like really really broad performance, but he was I mean he was good.

There Were Moments Of The Show Where

he was definitely carrying it, but they just never really fully developed these characters in a way that you really cared about them. I think whereas Gotham was a law-and-order type show. This new show is going to be a true detective type show weaving in a couple of different storylines all heading towards one final like Eat the. Thing ultimately obviously Jeff writes character who I don’t think is the Commissioner again In the movie He’s He’s just credited as Jim Gordon right now and there’s another character on I am to be credited as Commissioner I forget something something so that is kind of usually how this story is told right in Nolan’s Batman he was he was detective Gordon first mankind UK played detective Gordon I don’t think he became commissioner till the last season, so we might still see Jim Gordon in some sort of role. There’s also the Peter Skarsgård character that’s a UK Gil Coulson, which is kind of funny that a character named Coulson I wonder how that’s because that’s such an iconic Marvel name now Phil Coulson so whatever Coulson Coulson but I wonder if that will be the kind of law and order quote unquote where we might see Peter.

Scars Guards Character Carry On Kind

of the like you know the litigious side of Gotham’s prosecution so I do think it is an opportunity though to kind of introduce these bad guys, we’ve kind of promised with Matt Reeves Batman that it’s gonna be a more cerebral approach to Batman. Rather he’s gonna be more of a detective than a flashy like Joel Schumacher throwing like back Renée’s of people. So I think this is an opportunity to tell a slow kind of mystery and have it be solved by Jim Gordon and and other detectives that we might meet in the movie and introduce them ultimately probably leading towards a big bad bill and I would say you know yeah I think it’ll be kind of a you know an eight-episode March towards finding out who who is behind a series of crimes in Gotham City I’ll law. Way to detective kind of takes 8 episodes to unfold who is actually behind the murders mysteries so that’s what I got Ooh Tommy you know I loved true detective well Season 1 and season 3. I could do without season 2, but it’s interesting how you say this UK Gotham is gonna be like true Detective Jessica was saying it’s gonna be like Watchmen because it’s very true like when these networks pitch these shows to the to each other.

Theyre Like What If Its Like

Sopranos but this or what if it’s like Boardwalk Empire but this you know they’re all kind of doing versions of things that they’ve done before. So yeah I’m kind of curious joven to see what UK series do you think it’s gonna be like so I’m making some last-second changes to-I was just hit with some inspiration and I like the direction that you guys are going I enjoyed the last half of Gotham and and and to be completely honest. I don’t think that there is a way to do it without it just being Gotham again. Even if Even if you try to like make a strong stance like no no it’s gonna be about the the UK well guess what after season one one ratings aren’t exactly where you want them and you wanted to pop guess what it’s Gonna introduce a bunch of villains that you that we that we know before and it’s gonna then focus around them because we like those characters more than the other characters that’s just naturally where that show winds up going because they’re the more fascinating characters to follow. So I think that yes they are going to do a Gotham UK style show, but it’s not going to take place at the same time with saying universe yes time no now you’re also saying well Joven it has to take place during the same time because We’ve got Jeffrey wright coming back as Gordon wrong Gordon my friend.

Heres What Were Doing Heres What

we’re looking at here’s what we’re getting what is another UK property that was very prop popular Deadwood. I think we’re going back we’re going Wild West We are gone well. People say that’s right we are going to get a Wild West Gotham the the beginning of Goffman we’re gonna see Jeffrey Wright Plane Montgomery Gordon as he’s sheriff of these early early times of of Gotham and you know let’s get fun with it let’s get a little campy let’s have like I don’t know some of these characters that might mirror these villains, But in the very 18th century kind of way I can see there’s a guy that comes to town that sells ice like it’s his job to sell ice and he’s also killing people with an ice Pick. He’s Mr. freeze but now if they really do want.

To Focus On The Cop Side Of Things

they can also as an alternative. They can actually have this take place during the Gates of Gotham comic line that was written by Kyle Higgins, which guy it’s it’s like early 19th century. I think I was very not steampunky but a little Victorian Ii that you do see like the early Cobblepot’s you see the early wanes kind of like fighting over territory and whatnot in and already built Gotham so there’s two different places you can take you take it early 1900s with constable cops and whatnot or you know we just go Wild West with the little Deadwood meets Gotham Joven. You truly went broke my friend that way without that very interesting I would love to see a period you just go to Gotham story just to see the kind of historical parallels see the origins of. Gotham so yes it works now I’m gonna give everyone a chance to you know condense their theories into tweets form here’s your chance to get some true tweet.

Redemption Working Out All The Kinks Pitch

it back to me that’s I’m gonna award those points but while they’re doing that I want to thank our friends at manscaped for sponsoring this episode Manscaped offers precision-engineered tools forget family jewels. They spent eighteen months designing a lawn mower 3. 0. It is the greatest freakin body hair trimmer The world has ever seen. It is a waterproof.

It Has A 90-Minute Battery.

So you get a full hour and a freaking half to clear all that real estate you got down there it’s got an UK light you know so you can do it at nighttime anytime at night. I don’t Don’t care I’ll be doing this all night grunting and how much fur I got a trim waking up all the neighbors Manscaping accidents are a thing of the past thanks to man escapes skin safe technology. In the case you don’t want to wake up the neighbors. They got a quiet stroke technology on their 7000 rpm trimmer motor and by the way this whole thing vibrates so if you want to put this in anywhere go for it get 20% off and free shipping with the code rogue theory at Manscape comm that’s 20% off and free shipping at manscape calm and use the promo code rogue theory so let’s return to our Gotham UK theories give them back to me in a tweet here’s your chance to really sell me with that bottom line goes the exclamation point hashtag Instagram on Fox get ready for the new.

Hit Onnk] Max.

This is why I need to write down my tweets Okay so mine is a photo. It’s a video of the true detective season 1 UK boxset and then slowly a knife lowers down on it, cutting it in half revealing that it is cake and then you pull the UK in half and inside it’s a bat. It’s a Batman themed cake and you see that holding the knife is Geoffrey right awesome. I’ve got just a one tweet byNK] Max and it’s a hashtag goth wood very confusing hashtag, but it is a video of like a point of view of someone like pushing in some swinging door Sattell.

I Got A Saloon And Then Someone

goes Gordon that you and then just you know Jeffrey right turns around and tips his cowboy hat and then cut the black mmm you know God. Know God Wood is what I got is a teenager whenever Evanescence came on the ring wake me up down there yes I loved all three of your theories equally because I would love to see any version of these shows. They all have their strengths that make them all valid and wonderful but based on your tweets alone Jessica I’m afraid I’m gonna have to give you bronze just you just weren’t prepared on that one but it’s okay still get a bronze Why no job is my friend me. I’m giving you the silver because goth wood as a term just might be a bit confusing copy that to people you know Tommy you take the cake with the gold well done how come the fat guy gets gold for a cake joke Okay we are now gonna move on to rogue questions Are you guys ready Doesn’t. matter cuz here it come okay because only drive-in theaters are open right now The Empire Strikes Back was the number one movie at the box office last weekend.

Whats The Best Possible Drive-In Movie

and why a lot of driving theaters are kind of reliving these glory days of like old 80’s movies and that’s not bad but I think there’s. I think we can create a new generation of drive-in movies with today’s classics and I’m going with Scott Pilgrim vs. . the world didn’t do as well it should have as it should have the first time around in theaters. It deserves a second chance go watch it in a drive-in Edgar Wright giving some gold with that movie Yes I’m gonna go with the movie that I actually saw for the first time at a drive-in features a scene at a drive-in and is just all around.

Got It All Its Got Scares

with large barge it’s got an action. Francis is kind of a monster so there’s a little bit of a cut so hang in there. Pee-wee’s big adventure Nice I’m a big horror person always been a big blumin fan and also like a lot of people Big 80s, horror fan and I go to the drive-ins weekly because I have nothing to do and I’m going on Thursday just so you guys know I’m seeing Enter the Dragon and Big Trouble in Little China Wow I’m so excited but I think for a drive and I would love to live that nostalgia days that my mom did as a teen and go see Nightmare on Elm Street put me in a war situation all right next question. James Gunn said in a tweet this week that he could see sue Scooby-doo’s. And the Suicide Squad being in the same movie, What is the best mystery for those two groups to solve together.

I Dont Have A Mystery For Them To

solve. I just want to make sure they all play by the same rules and that is death dollars if they get out of line because as a kid it used to really stress me out when Shaggy would not follow the rules and would stray off into different rooms that was a rule abiding kid so now if Shaggy goes off until I got a haunted painting room. His head just explodes at first. I wanted them to solve like the Zodiac killer stick with that because I was like if you put Scooby-Doo’s the mystery gang into the like the Suicide Squad world. It’s gonna be some crazy blumin and I want to see a real.

Real Murder, I Think What Were

gonna have here is Shaggy Actually gets arrested for possession of marijuana gets gets pulled in by Waller and says you’re gonna be working on a new mystery with this group of people over here we need to find out who is Batman and then and then Shaggy’s like why would I work for you and then while it’s like well we can get you to work and it’s not a collar it’s actually he looks down the hallway and and someone’s walking up Scooby Doo and he’s like Yo Raggy UK all right and then lastly Ludacris let it slip. In an interview that Fast and Furious 9 we’ll be going to outer space. Oh, he said in your best terrible Vin Diesel voice what will Dom Toretto say in space I I imagine I imagine so everyone’s waiting for them to take. off right everyone’s at the ground. There watching them take off all of them all of them in a rocket ship Looking like a car.

They Fly Into The Immediately Goes

off. Everyone’s like there they go there they go and there goes I’ve been diesel and he goes starlight Starbright UK it’s it’s him. He’s it He’s in his spaceship. He’s got three other people with them in their own spaceships and he’s just like down five checking in yeah.

I Think Its Gonna Be Dom Toretto

staring wistfully out the window of a Camaro that’s been modified to fly in space and he’s gonna say Mars Ain’t the type of place to raise a kid cold as hell and there’s no one to raise them if you did. I don’t understand it’s just a job five days a week. A rocket man I love it Tommy you’re gonna. get the win for that one buddy Ah! And that makes you the winner of this episode.

Oh My God I Feel Very Blessed To

have one that does I feel like at the Aetherius were fine, but I feel like we’re actually theories there so I so I also win good I would have definitely won had I just said I am Groot that’s all he needs to say in that movie failed this podcast all right so but Tommy you get your wish What would you like to see in the world. My wish is just gonna be a little extra work for our editor job. We all need to freeze frame and then John needs to write what happened to us all five years later, like so everybody hold in place and whatever pose they wanted that job go ahead and say what happened to each one. of us you know we don’t need to hold that we have to hold it Yes.

I Know That Was My Real Wish.

I tricked you well. That is it for this episode of Rogue theory, a big thanks to our guests who got some great ideas in here lots of laughs Tommy Bechtold Thank you, Jessica Clemens and her cat and Joshua overtired joven I’m going home and I’m going Rogue Don’t forget to subscribe to the Rogue theory podcast feed stay tuned for the UK channel for this and other shows follow us on Twitter at New Rock stars See You guys next week.


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