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Disinformation This Information Once Someone Please Save Me

from disinformation Yeah Joe Biden will be set up a disinformation governance board only one letter different from the UK All good there Hello There you 5.6 million Awakening wonders thanks for joining me on this Voyage. I appreciate you I love you if you want to see me live you can if you’re not a subscriber yet subscribe if you ain’t turned on the notification Bell turn it on says it wakes you up in the dead of night every time something occurs to me. What’s occurred to me now is that disinformation has become like what is this information no just to talk about this information we used to talk about propaganda downright lies not trusting people discernment making decisions for yourself. Now what it’s all about is disinformation someone might disinformation you so odd.

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I Think It Kind Of Began Around

Joe Rogan’s Spotify didn’t it it was this that Joe Rogan’s popular and we don’t seem to be able to control him that’s annoying what if we say that he’s doing disinformation the misinformation, what do you mean by that is it objectively disinformational misinformation or is it stuff you don’t agree with because even in fields of expertise and apparent scientific empiricism. There are still disagreements and discussions to be had and I reckon when the state set up an agency to determine what is truth and what’s not true guess what I reckon could happen. I mean I don’t know if I’d be really cynical. They may say things are not true if those things are not convenient to them. I mean what’s Julian Assange in prison for disinformationing people right up the Gulf War let’s have a look at this.

Story So The Department Of Homeland

Security is setting up a disinformation governance board to try to counter the spread of false information. So remember the last couple of years have there been examples of things that were said to be true or not true that then later the perspective or opinion change this information expert Nina Jankovitz will lead the board let’s just hope that Nina Jankovic is 100 reliable and has got no previous of making any Bulls up in any area at all in a Twist to implausible for fiction. The abbreviation DGb is one letter off from UK that’s disinformation. It doesn’t matter if something’s got certain initial letters you’re being superstitious. The stated goal of combating MIss and disinformation what’s the difference it’s already confusing it this information well it’s misinformation before she’s married, but once it gets married it’s.

Disinformation Is Framed To Seem.

Unobjectionable who objects the truth and Pines for falsehood Yeah? No one DGB experts will guide the way separating the informational wheat from the disinformational chaff, But there’s one small problem with empowering truth. Experts experts are people. I’m increasingly realizing that you know they’re a person that goes home and picks their nose and looks out the window and does a little fart. They’re human beings.

Theres A Crossover Theres Fallibility Theres

flaws. They’re subject to the emotions that we’re subject to they’re subject to bribery. They’re certainly subject to ideologies Aren’t they and you’re not going to give someone the job of being in charge of this information just like Oh, Oh you you could do it. It’s going to be someone who broadly agrees with you has the same agenda as you. I’m not comfortable at all with anyone saying they know what the truth is because.

Well, This Is Our Im A Human Being

and my understanding of reality is continually changing. I thought that this was right. I thought that that was right. This is wrong Now Oh God. It’s continually evolving and shifting and that’s a good thing that’s a sign that you’re engaged with reality in a symbiotic relationship with stimuli and Circumstance.

The Alternative Is Dogma.

The alternative is tyranny. The alternative is the DGB what you’re being offered if you don’t predict doom and reality is worse than you predicted you will be blamed and shamed. The incentives are clear truth experts at the DGB will Proclaim grave threats around every turn even when any threats are minor to non-existent. Of course, the facility and ability to enhance centralized power increases under threat like think about your own life when you feel broadly speaking relaxed and all right yeah you’ve got.

Little Spring In Your Step He

might go for a stroll maybe catch an apple and flip it off your elbow, but it’s like Oh I don’t think things are going to work out for you. Oh no oh should I even be eating this apple like if you’re continually stimulated into a state of fear. You’re more easy to control imagine that happening at a state level. Imagine the sort of frequency Jam of anxiety that’s just been going on and on and on one story to the next it’s just like an ongoing sort of Khan honorable of misery, Oh thank God that pandemic’s over whoa now Oh God right Don’t think about the war. It’s got a bit boring but bloody Johnny Depp’s marriage is this bright state by creating the Dgb.

The Uk Government Is Creating A

crisis monitor with the dial permanently set to existential. threat no one inside the board will have the incentive or the courage to dial it down No why would you dial down your own power When your business is power that’s what the government is the government is about power control that’s what the word government means the dangers of the DGB will be Amplified if it becomes the tool of partisan political actors and it already has executive director Nina Jankovic who once described Hunter Biden’s laptop as a trump campaign product has written that America‘s information landscape includes declining trust in the media fed by the Trump administration. ‘s Relentless attacks on the fourth estate. She said unless we mitigate our own political polarization our own internal issues. We will continue to be an easy target for any malign actor.

Russian Or Iranian Foreign Or Domestic To Many

manipulate I suppose to create this agency, You have to legitimize its existence. I suppose the presidency of Trump did a lot of things that were beneficial to those currently in power. It created and sort of an omnipresent Bogeyman even after Trump’s power we say Bogeyman in my country an omnipresent power who’s still being used even after his administration has ended. I’m not sure that Trump’s version of misinformation is any worse than Biden’s version of misinformation imagine if before Biden was elected. This was going on that laptop it is real.

Oh No This Laptop It Turns

out it was Hunters. There’s no such thing as objectiveness or disinformation. There are sets of facts that are convenient to certain outcomes. In 2020 When Donald Trump was President. Yankovic did not want the executive branch to have the power to control Free Speech Oh it’s okay when we do it.

Since It Was Announced That She Would Lead

the board her previous social media posts and interviews have surfaced with many note in she’s previously spread misinformation herself You’re the perfect candidate. We call you misinformation actually it’s Mrs information Oh sorry. This has highlighted the problem of how people trying to control misinformation online are actively calling for censorship while spreading misinformation themselves. Perhaps we should all just accept that we might all be capable of saying figures that are not true that we might all be wrong that we’ve been wrong many times before and we’ll be wrong many times again in the future. Perhaps we shouldn’t enter this conversation with such certainty, but with the degree of openness that the people we disagree with might.

Be Right And Better Yet We

might find a common truth between us if we approach one another with Open Hearts not with naivety and stupidity with open heart and a kind of reluctance to yield to our own inner dogma and the simplifying comfort that it gives you to just think well. I’m right they’re all bad. They’re all Bad actors disinformation misinformation that’s no way to run a country that’s not even the way to run one mind. Perhaps the most interesting Revelation is that in May 2020 you she said that the executive arm of the government should not control speech did I say not I meant should imagine that you know with President Trump right now calling all of these news organizations that have inconvenient for him stories that they that they’re getting out there that he’s calling fake news and now lashing out at platforms. I would never want to see our executive branch Have that sort of power you could be in charge of it.

If You Want Okay Thatll Do And

that’s why you know the legislative process with our duly elected officials is really important that sort of consultative rule-making process and we can’t just govern by Executive Order anymore, people can persuade themselves of anything don’t you think that human being it’s like well you’ve done something wrong yourself like maybe you’re stealing something it’s not really stealing. I mean they probably won’t miss they’re probably gonna just throw this away if you’ve like got no actual principles. Then you can just sort of do what you want and I think that our systems of government. Our systems of Regulation should be one elect did by the people that are affected by them and should be reflections of our. nature and shall be as local as possible as close to the people affected by them, as is reasonable or feasible not abstract centralized rules where people make stuff up that’s not going to affect them because it’s convenient from what happens if Trump wins In 2024, you can’t have centralized thing No I think the reverberations in the free speech space are huge it’s amazing to hear someone even use free speech that’s not from what you would regard or what is regarded as the right.

Free Speech Now Has Been Repackaged

as Ah people only want free speech. They can go around being sexist, racist, misogynist, hateful transphobic like I believe in free speech and I don’t believe in any of those things that people should treat one another with love and respect where possible judging each other as individuals not judging each other at all we’re possible. and approaching things with a set of universal principles that can be applied no matter what the bloody demographic data is of the group or individual You’re talking about that’s why I believe and I believe free speech and evidently a few years ago that’s what people generally speaking on the left used to believe well look at it now free speech essentially might as well have a swastika in the middle of it not to mention. This is exactly what section 230 was designed to do to allow the platforms to enforce the standards on on their own spaces.


She is a young reasonable person, making a lot of reasonable points now as long as those points hold fast whoever’s in government. Then I’ve got no problem let’s see what she’s up to now information laundering is really quite ferocious. It’s when a Huckster takes some lies and makes them sounds because just by seeing them in Congress or a mainstream output so disinformation’s Origins are slightly less atrocious.

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I Dont Know Why Shes Doing

this what’s going on it’s how you hide a little lie. It’s how you hide a little light a little lie. I’m not sure that this is the right person to run the old disinformation governance board, but Rudy Giuliani shared that intense on Ukraine or when UK influence to say covert.


The Department of Homeland Security is setting up a disinformation governance board to try to counter the spread of false information . The state set up an agency to determine what is truth and what’s not true guess what I reckon could happen. Disinformation this information once someone please save me from disinformation. I reckon I don’t know if I’d be really cynical. I mean what’s Julian Assange in prison for disinformationing people right up the Gulf War let’s have a look at this.& I appreciate you I love you if you want to see me live you can if you’re not a subscriber yet subscribe if you ain’t turned on the notification Bell turn it on says it wakes you up in the dead of night every time something occurs to me. It says it says it’s a wake-up in the dark of night. If you ain’t turned it on it’s not a notification Bell says it doesn’t say what it says. It doesn’t mean it doesn’…. Click here to read more and watch the full video