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I Spoke To Crystal Ball Off Breaking Points

and the thing she said that resonated most with me is we need to learn to hate each other less and the elites more now. I’d say try to stop hating altogether that’s the kind of hippie guy. I am but it’s interesting isn’t it that at a time where the left is lacking in humility and no one appears to have a clear political vision that we are all focused on bickering with one another instead of turning our attention to real solutions. Have a look at this conversation that took place on my luminary podcast under the skin subscribe to if you want it and let me know what you think of it in the comments below stay to the end because there’s questions. I feel like um like even post-trump.

Theres Been No Humility On The

left no humility. The liberal left media no acknowledgement and like where you know in right-wing populism. It is acceptable to demonize immigrants in left-wing I don’t know if it’s necessarily populism, It’s all like that’s this neoliberalist establishment authoritarianism it’s acceptable to vilify and demonize the working class in particular the white working class in a sense. Trump was the catalyst that made that demonization kind of really ramp up. I feel I think it’s it’s even more than acceptable.

Its Almost A Central Organizing Principle Of That

type of neoliberal thought. You know the mantra of soccer and I show breaking points is that our goal is to hate each other less and hate the elites more so it’s not something like Kumbaya. We love each other you know everything’s great and there’s there’s no problems we all just need to get along. It’s in favor of a divisive politics but. understand who the true sort of criminals are in the country and the reason why things are the way that they are so yeah? I think that the partisan media whether it’s Fox news on the right whether it’s CnN and MsNBc in the liberal space.

They Love A Story Thats All About

caricaturing and demonizing people who have a different ideology or a different lifestyle than you do so. If you turn over to CnN, you might hear a story about how some didn’t get vaccinated and now they’re dead and it’s this disgusting cheerleading of you know like celebration that someone didn’t go and get the vaccine, which sure they should have done to protect themselves. But Now you think that the proper response to that is to celebrate their death and that’s grotesque and then you know in right-wing media on Fox news, you hear a similar sort of existentialism about how critical race theory is gonna destroy your community and brainwash your kid and these same sorts of like making it that the the greatest threat to yourself and your life and your family is not climate change it’s not the banks it’s not political elites. It’s not natural disasters. It’s your neighbor who happens to maybe think differently than you do so.

Theres A Lot Of Profit To

be made off of that and um Matt Tybee, who wrote the book hating. He really lays out this whole sort of structure of media where you used to have the cold war that was great ratings justify you had a clear enemy that was great. Could get people scared and freaked down about the communists coming then you had the war on terror and now it’s the it’s the Muslims who are they’re the really bad guys and that was kind of like this you know thing that they could get people to freak down about and continue to turn on their Tvs to watch and learn about quote. Unquote learn about um and once that kind of stopped working. Then the enemy was each other you know then it was your neighbor who’s not getting vaccinated or who has the black lives matter flag on their lawn then that became the real enemy and you know it’s the most terrifying enemy of all because we’re everywhere right there there are people to fear all over and the threat is existential and these people are destroying the country so that’s what these networks and mainstream.

Media Have Settled On As As

the villain and it’s truly destroying the country. I mean it’s creating this total sectarianism justifying political violence. It’s you know creating the situation where people just don’t even see each other as in the same project together Ultimately and most importantly it allows them to cover for their own crimes and failings and corruption so that you know you never see like oh well how did we end up with you know the oxy crisis and these mass addictions crisis Let’s not talk about that let’s not talk about the way that both parties were complicit in enabling big pharma over generations. Let’s instead talk about your neighbor who may think differently than you that’s really cool um the way you describe it not the situation itself which let’s face it is abhorrent do you think that this um stagnation and this. The intransigence of ongoing conflict and ongoing division is compounded by the fact that there is no inspiring political vision present anywhere and in fact to our the earlier part of our conversation that we are almost out of what you would call and I would have to kind of sort of on one level agree out of pragmatism.

You Would Necessarily Advance Political Change

through the sort of tunnels or funnels or conduits of um existing um parliamentary or sorry congressional or whatever you call it in your country democracy and I feel like I’ve been feeling this for a while that what is required is a kind of relibidanization a revivification, a re-sacralizer of the political space. The kind of like managerial technocratic neutering that took place probably at least I’ve heard clever people than me say as a response to fascism and communism, but politics became kind. Nullified managerial protect protectorial let’s just do it No one’s got a vision. No one’s saying anything bold you know like with regard to the objectives of black lives matter the objectives of which I would support integrated equal no anti-racist. All of those things are kind of that’s politically obviously I guess and I guess it’s obvious that’s where I would stand but anything that can be squeezed through the machine of mainstream media.

I Become Immediately Dubious About You

know the same with LGBtQ issues plus issues like if if if for like you know the CiA can change their logo to represent that flag, then that it’s not change. He’s not going to come from that direction. Something that’s peculiar that’s happened sort of around trump post Trump still now is that the right provide the more radical voice. The right provides the more anti-establishment the rhetoric. Course, I’m vehemently opposed to the where most people I’ve spoken to on the right when it comes to sort of civil rights and immigration and all of those kind of issues, But when it comes to like anti-establishmentism and or as you would say with your show with saga and elites like that’s where I feel like the stronger rhetoric is coming from at least from the mainstream established left you’re not getting it or it’s become puritanical authoritarianism devoid of kind of um spirituality of like care nurture other than the most the kind of insipid kind of sentimentalist, rootless and performative morality .

I Feel That What Is Required Is

I I’ve been thinking about this as well. You know specifically what I’ve been thinking about is anarchism and and left libertarianism. The idea of individual freedom and empowered community meaningfully empowered community meaning the ability to. the life of the members of your community without the intervention of the state and without the ubiquitous control of big business. I suppose the challenge that that presents is if you don’t have a centralized state authority, How do you challenge corporate authority But at the moment the state doesn’t do that anyway it supports it So you know so I wonder what you think about that do you think that what’s required is a bolder vision and do you think those boulder visions are sort of meted controlled curtailed as a result of like you know the events of the last century yes and I think I mean the cold war was particularly effective for stifling any kind of debate, but it’s not just the cold war you know I was actually just reading um.

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I Dont Know If You Know The The

history of the mine wars that happened in the early 1900s in West Virginia . There was a bloody battle for mine workers who were working in You know Abhorrent basically indentured servitude dangerous low paid having to live in company towns and only get paid in script. I mean just the worst conditions you can possibly imagine so there was a bloody uprising that was quashed ultimately by federal government troops where lives were lost in order to try to win the right to unionize and you know ultimately in the end they were successful in being able to to win a union and win some better working conditions and higher wages and those sorts of of rights were ultimately won in the end. But that history, which is a very proud history of white and black and immigrant. Workers coming together and fighting for their own rights has been completely erased from even West Virginia textbooks.

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There Was Actually A Law That Was

passed that for decades prohibited the teaching of this. You know incredibly important history, so you know it sounds like conspiracy theory, but there have been incredibly explicit and active propaganda campaigns to make sure that everybody stayed in line that people didn’t cause trouble the way that those um coal miners caused trouble back in that era to erase that part to tell you that you know that’s not possible that that’s not a good thing that none of that happened so that you feel like the only options available to you are within these really narrow confines Effectively you know the right version of neoliberalism and the left version of neoliberalism that’s been extraordinarily successful, but I think that some of those um. Some of the success of that propaganda war is starting to Wane, which is why you see you know people flocking to podcasts like yours people flocking to to shows like ours people flocking to other alternative outlets because they feel like there’s this whole world outside of what’s being spoon fed to them that they want to explore that they want to think about that they want to ask questions about that they want to access So the hopeful part of me thinks that you know those methods of extreme control the effectiveness of them are starting to Wane. I believe we’re in a real in between time. Right now and i don’t actually you’ve mentioned Steve Bannon and he said you know the only options are populism.

Its Only A Question Of Whether Its

populist left or populist right I don’t know that I agree that that’s. The case? I see the options as either you can have actual democracy at the talk that you type that you’re talking about where people truly have a stake in the affairs in their community in their country, or you can have the direction that we’ve been heading in for decades now, which is increasing authoritarianism and increasing police state where descent is you know rather than welcoming descent. Let’s have a debate of ideas.


I spoke to crystal ball off breaking points and the thing she said that resonated most with me is that we need to learn to hate each other less and the elites more now. I’d say try to stop hating altogether that’s the kind of hippie guy.& I am but it’s interesting isn’t it that at a time where the left is lacking in humility and no one appears to have a clear political vision that we are all focused on bickering with one another instead of turning our attention to real solutions . Have a look at this conversation that took place on my luminary podcast under the skin subscribe to if you want it and let me know what you think of it in the comments below . Stay to the end because there’s questions because of it because there are questions. Follow CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter @LZ Granderson and @lZGranderson for a new episode of this week’s episode of “Under the Skinnytowns. Back to the page…. Click here to read more and watch the full video