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joker and today we’re going to be talking about how in the dating world it is always the man’s fault Why things Don’t work out why she didn’t choose you and that you’re not attractive enough. So if she doesn’t find you attractive it’s your fault. However, if you don’t find her attractive well. It’s also your fault and i’ve got a fun video that I found. I think I initially found it on twitter and it’s kind of circulating all around and it’s and it has very much to do with a a very very very overweight woman complaining that if you don’t like her well.

Its Some Sort Of Ism And Its Your

problem and heaven forbid it couldn’t be that you just don’t like her because how could how could somebody not like a woman. I mean that’s the way it is today. So if you don’t like me. It’s your fault not mine, but if I don’t like you, it’s also your fault and not mine and that’s just the way it is first Oh, Let me give you an update on where I am so I’m just south of Nebraska. At the moment I’m still heading north.

I Lost My Glasses My Contacts.

the prescription I had for my contacts ran out probably about three years ago and I had monthlies and I wore every other one because I have I can’t see up close with my contacts in so I’d need to have like some magnifiers that are 1x but when my contacts are out I can’t see far away, so I’d wear one contact at a time and I made a year’s worth of contacts last two years that way. By alternating every other month well they ran out six months ago and I didn’t get any more in before I started traveling and then I lost my glasses and I’ve got a pin on my dolly that that pulls my truck that had that bent and so I had to take it off and take it to a shop and they gotta straighten it so anyway. I’ll be back on the road Shortly I’m safe I’m warm I’m happy everything is good the bus seems to be running okay. I think it was just extra dielectric grease on one of the sensors.

I Started It Up And Drove It

about a hundred miles and everything was fine. I did that on the highway during the bright of day when I could make out everything on the highway, but I’m not going to be doing driving much further so there’s. A quick update everything is good. I’m in one piece bus is holding together um everything’s fine um okay so for the losses of the day. I only have one today, but this is kind of a big one and this is a loss for both everybody involved except the woman ironically except for the woman so somebody post here on.

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I Think This Is Reddit.

This simp paid 10k to meet a girl he follows on only fans All he got was a hug one month later her and her boyfriend are using that money to travel the world now here’s I mean you could take this at face value, but again being a guy that’s had women do some pretty shady things to me in my past. It always brings out that that police police dog sniffing around for additional clues if you look at the video or. This image on the left she says I met my top fan for 10 Grand and it’s this doofy guy and he’s standing next to her, but here’s something that’s interesting. It’s in her hotel room now number one 10 grand for anything even if it was just I I mean I wouldn’t meet a Hollywood star for 10 grand to so to meet an only fans person for 10 grand is Nuts so that big guy got a loss second of all meeting in a hotel room and in the background the beds all messed up there’s part of me that’s like did he only get a hug or did he get a lot more for his 10-grand um.

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Theres Part Of Me That Would Be Like

would any guy just pay 10 grand just to meet her or would she have given him something a little extra. for his 10 000 um so either way. It’s a loss for him for the 10 grand and even if he did get some action for it. It’s still costing 10 grand with an only fans girl which is average at best. I’d imagine then on the right hand side.

She Says We Are Taking Were Going To

see the world together. Babe one vacay at a time and it’s her with her boyfriend on vacation. So this loser gives her 10 grand and then she takes that money to go on vacation with her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s a loser too why because his girlfriend has and only fans and on top of that. I have a feeling she may have given the other guy a little bit more than a hug for that 10 Grand so who’s the winner here well she is she got 10 grand Maybe. She she did a little cash cash for play.

I Dont Know But Either Way She

won She got 10 grand. She has a boyfriend that is okay with her doing only fans and the sims out of money and the boyfriend’s dating a girl that has only fans that may have maybe given cash and prizes to some other strange dude so as long as men keep doing this. This is why women think they have the choice. This is why women will think they have the cat that they are the catch. This is why women think that they’re the they’re the the prize out of this now I’ll be honest with you to find a woman that is average looking or better is well 50 of the time.

If You Just Go By Mathematics Average Is

50 percentile so to find somebody that is better than average. That’s 50 percent of women out there how easy is it to find a guy that takes care of himself that is intelligent. Maybe they can fix things around the house that makes a an okay living enough for two people that has a good head on his shoulders . That is caring and kind and sweet and maybe gets a gets the job done in the bedroom that guy’s a lot harder to find because again that may be average and better on the men’s side, but women only look at the top 10 or 20 thinking that is all men so all guys remember that don’t put yourselves down. Don’t Don’t say you know what I’m going to do this just because I want to get lucky or I want to get a little bit of action.


I mean that’s a matter of fact that shows. you how bad the statistics are for guys because when they do get some they say Oh I got lucky it luck has nothing to do with it if we’re going to be honest with it. If you’re a good guy be that good catch Don’t settle and make them realize that you’re the prize and if that means you are going to be spending all your time alone because no one realizes you’re the prize that’s okay that’s all right. It’s better to be alone and be a prize than to you know lower your standards down for um for an only fans girl that maybe gave something out to some strange guy all right on to the main story here um so I wanted to talk about this because most often times women used to be I’m gonna stay pretty I’m I’m a good conversationalist.

Im Feminine I.

take care of myself I keep myself in shape. I stay slim. I I make sure that I’m a good catch for a guy that has stopped now Women are saying all men should be lucky to have me no matter what shape. I’m in no matter how intelligent or not intelligent No matter how mean I am no matter how picky I am.

Im The Catch And As Long As

that’s kind of the way it is um. Then the the problem is that men are at a certain point going to feel like you know something I’m not going to play this game anymore and and he I brought these articles up specifically because of the way that they’re worded and and here’s the first one that I have from psychology today. Short men why women aren’t attracted enough to date them, and they say short men have to deal with an enormous stigma when it comes to romance and this is going back to 2014 but the the data this article doesn’t really matter. It’s not saying women you should give shorter guys a chance. Short guys can be just as intelligent, funny and creative and athletic and awesome as taller guys.

Theres Nothing A Guy That Shorter

can do about his height. So don’t worry about it you’re missing out on a lot of great. Men that may be a little shorter is that what the article’s about no of course not it’s well guys you’re short sorry no no love for you you you got an uphill battle you’re gonna have to go out of your way to show everybody that you’re better and and interesting and you’ve got a lot to offer Who does that put the problem on what puts the problem on men not women they don’t say women you’re being too picky women you’re not being realistic. You’re missing out on ninety percent of men out there not six feet tall or eighty-five percent or whatever it is you’re missing out on all these great guys Nope it’s not that it’s that it’s sorry guys it’s your fault let’s move on to the next article here. New data reveals fat women don’t like fat men and they demand you be.

With It So Here Youve Got A

circumstance where both people are in the same boat. They’re both overweight, but the women are the ones saying well. I don’t like fat guys, but they should like me and and if you don’t again it’s your problem not mine, So you have to look at this and if you step back away and you see enough of these articles you see enough of these dating profiles of the day that I do you realize that women are not they’re not in the same universe as men are now Some of you guys out there I’ve I’ve because you’ve mentioned it in the comments. Some of you guys are like I like big girls.

Some Guys Are Like Oh I

like I like chunky girls You know the thick girls. Other guys say I like slim or petite girls, but very rarely. Do you see a man on a dating profile or profile or a list of things saying you must be a redhead. You must be have a certain cup size on your under breasticles.

You Must Be A Certain High.

Most men do not have those requirements. A man will look at a woman and say I find her attractive now if you ask it why they have to boil it down well a lot of times leaving a guy leaving have troubles doing that like I don’t know man like yeah, She’s got a kind of nice body and she’s kind of cute She seems.


If she doesn’t find you attractive it’s your fault. If you don’t find her attractive well. If I don’t like you, it’s also your fault and not mine. That’s just the way it is today. Joker says it’s always the man’s fault why things don’t work out why she didn’t choose you and that you’re not attractive enough. It’s some sort of ism and it is your problem and heaven forbid it couldn’t be that you just don’t like her because how could how could somebody not like a woman . Joker is on the road in Nebraska and is heading north . He says he lost his glasses and I’ve got a pin on my dolly that that pulls my truck that had that bent and so I had to take it off and take it to a shop and they gotta straighten it so anyway. Shortly I’m safe I’m happy everything is good the bus seems to be running okay. I think it was just extra die…. Click here to read more and watch the full video