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Foreign Guys Welcome To Better Bachelor My Name

is Joker with a face radio and a voice for print today. We’re going to talk about some college girls, and they explain why they need why they’re men that they date need to be rich. I’ll boil it down for you. Guys. They have no idea how the money system works.

They Have No Idea How Much You

should get paid for a job. They have no idea the value of a dollar. You know there’s a movie I watched. I think it was Awakening with Robin Williams and he when he was a doctor. I.

He Was Giving Something To The Patients That

were kind of locking up and having mental issues and when you talk to either it was either that or no you know what it was now that I think about it it was um a rain. man with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, and when they asked Rain Man like how much a car was. He said like a dollar, and then they asked him how much a candy bar was and he was like a dollar. These women remind me of this They remind me of rain man that’s the only way you can put it. These women remind me exactly of that let me know if the artwork behind me is too busy and is distracting if it is I can pull it down.

I Went On One Of The

computer UK generator things and and made I made each one of these. I basically said X as Joker and I’ve got I’ve got some non–politicians I’ve got some politicians. I got a little bit of left well a lot of left a few right. I could only fit nine on here so I. World’s being run by Clowns right now so we might as well Mark the occasion with some computer generated art and then I sent it off to a company and they had like an 80-off thing and I got it printed up and it’s like 40 inches.

I Think Its About 40 Inches

or 36 inches by 36 so it’s pretty big I plan to keep this around. I’m also um I I just love collecting things that are I don’t know in the moment and and that’s how I like my artwork so let me know if it’s distracting and I’ll pull it down um so college girls explain why they need men to be rich. This is a video actually it’s a pretty good one. It’s not too long. It’s only about two minutes.

Well Talk About It For A Minute Before

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me out that’ll help those guys out and you get like not left leaning news. I mean they say they’re conservative so believe them when they say it but at least you can have a different aspect than the mainstream media All right right into the video here first and foremost before we get started. I want you to pay attention to the these the looks of these women and the reason why I say that we’re not talking about supermodels. In some cases, you you may not find any of them attractive you might say. Hey well, you know she’s not too bad whatever but we’re not talking about supermodels.

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Were Not Talking About The Top

five percent or ten percent of women out there. We’re talking about your average everyday girl but the average everyday girl doesn’t even see the average everyday guy and this clip virtually shows it because again. If you look at these girls like this one she’s either got the worst posture I’ve ever seen or she’s kind of got a little bit of a belly. This one’s resting her hand on her little Pooch down here. You know these girls are not super, but here’s the good news.

They Dont Have Makeup On And

you can see well they kind of look like they kind of look like kind of normal don’t they so pay attention to the looks and then pay attention to what you must have as. A man to date the average girl today. I’ll make sure the volume’s good on this I should make per year, so she said how much should guys take or make per year. It cut off the front of that um it depends where they live. I mean if I’m like dating them it’d be nice if they were at least making a hundred thousand a hundred grand to date her 100 Grand to date her she’s what 20ish in college and you gotta have six figures now for you younger Champs out there.

This Is Why The Older Guys Guys

that are you know in their 30s and 40s that are more successful but still stay in shape and and have done well in their lives and now have more disposable income. It’s the x that I talk about men’s value goes up well. I actually it’s kind of. a weird accent to do it. I gotta do it like something like this well one’s got to go up the other one’s got to go down.

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Its Gotta Go Like This Women Are Going

down and in value over time it’s just men want beauty and youth and fertility and firm skin and everything nice and nice and gravity free right wrinkle free and as as women age it doesn’t mean they necessarily become less valuable their value changes their value becomes well. I’m older but I’m Smarter and I’m wiser and I have more money and guys. Don’t care about that and in the general sense of the word and you know what a 40-40-year-old woman can find love. She’s still firm and attractive to the 62-year-old man that’s all I’m saying but these are the why these women are in droves joining. These sugar sites and going out with older guys because they say hey you know what he still goes to the gym.

Hes Attractive Hes Muscular And Hes Got

the money win-win I’m just saying now this this chick has no concept of how money works even the interviewer’s face is like what even the interview let me pull it back just a little bit how to jump ahead as soon as she answered that I don’t know why that jumped ahead Wendy’s Jump Ahead what the hell is it doing to me here Oh yeah right here her face was like dull what a million two million even this girl. This college girl is like what are you smoking Lady I gotta stop it because I don’t know if this music that’s in the background is like generic is like generic Jazz elevator music or if it’s actually like. music so I got to be careful here because you you know so you’re not gonna find him here like not gonna find him in college and she knows it so what what do these ladies do right. She she sleeps with a college guys. She goes parties with the college guys, but then she also has the sugar dude on the side that’s going to help her pay her bills and and take care of everything and as she gets a little bit older and maybe out of college.

Shes Going To Start Looking For That

those beta bucks as we call them like the the provider guy doesn’t mean she won’t cheat on you with a guy that makes the money and I’m not saying all these girls do but again listen to their I think only two or three of them had realistic answers fully like adult. Someone that you would consider wanting to be with the rest of your life 300 okay three figures 300 Grand Okay, so okay now. This is the girl. I wanted to talk about where she has no concept of of money or doesn’t know what she’s saying I’m sorry to keep interrupting this it’s going quick. They super edited this together but again listen listen to the gr this so This girl wants 300 Grand a year that puts you I think 400 Grand right around there 350 400 Grand makes you a top one percenter so so being 300 is like a top two percenter.

You Know People When They Hear Top

one percenters. They always think it’s oh millionaires no no no as a matter of fact Let me let me just for Giggles let me pull this up let me see if I can here it is. income percentage calculator for the United States Department of Justice Let me put this back over here income three hundred zero zero zero calculate Let’s see yep you’re in you’re in the 98th percentile, which means you’re a top two percenter and that’s for any hours worked. These girls want they want top two percenters. We talk about this though all the time three figures okay.

This Girl Says Three Figures Okay

so why is that just because like that’s a stable income. I’d say that’s a stable income when she’s saying three figures. I don’t know what she’s thinking maybe she’s thinking a day I don’t know but again she’s like well that’s a stable income no concept how the no idea how the concept of money Works 100 like 500 Grand is that a lie I’m sorry they’re they’re talking so fast I know it’s probably annoying me. keep stopping this but she asked this girl and she says 500 Grand and then she says is that a lot like 500 Grand is that a lot no that’s 500 is like on a good day Yeah I mean it depends okay that girl votes guys that girl votes that’s the girl in the that’s the little girl in the in the bikini photos on Instagram wanting all the attention she kind of looks like Michael Jackson to me I gotta be she looks like like end of years. Michael Jackson she’s got the little bit lighter skin but the glasses and the I don’t know the weird shape knows anyway.

500 Grand Is That A Lot Question

mark. These are the people that want to give away everything for free. All social programs doesn’t matter about taxes we got to stop Big Tech and enjoy the the environment. And everything like that? She has no concept of how money works now.

You Know When This Will Change

when she goes to get a job. She they tell her we’re going to pay you 60 Grand a year and she’s going to be like is that all and then after taxes. She realizes she only takes home 46 unless she lives in California.


College girls explain why they need men to be rich . Joker says college girls have no idea how the money system works . He says they remind him of rain man . Let me know if the artwork behind me is too busy and is distracting if it is I can pull it down. I’m also um I I just love collecting things that are I don’t know in the moment and that’s how I like my artwork so I like to keep this around. Let me tell you if it’s distracting and I’ll pull it out of the picture. It’s about 40 inches or 36 inches by 36 so it’s pretty big I plan to keep it around. I could only fit nine on here so I. couldn’t fit 9 on here. I. just got a little bit of left well a lot of the left a few right. It was either that or a few of the right. I didn’t want to leave it on here but I. didn’t know if it was too busy….. Click here to read more and watch the full video