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This is big question the show that gives you too much information about which incarcerated MCu villain is buying up all the instant ramen noodles at the prison commissary that’s some real inside baseball right there whoever wrote that joke understands prison culture. I love it all right speaking of prison. I just broke out the greatest hosting talent. We’ve had and we’re putting a crew together for one last job cause with me today.

Im Tommy Beckham Of Course And Im Here

today with my man so nice we had to do it twice back together again. This dream team is with us today. People call us that’s our that’s our name Peaches and cream, but whenever we are together it’s like Oh my God it’s peaches and cream on new rock stars We were a wrestling tag team Peaches and cream would. Be what I would go for Oh God maybe not that sounds very suggestive maybe something else, but I’m down for it hey whatever ass all right it’s already started okay Ah let’s get to the show on Falcon and Winter soldier. We saw Baron Zemo peacefully take a ride from the Dora Moulage to his new incarcerated home on the raft and that got us thinking about our big question of the week.

So Here It Is Empty, Which Mcu

villains are still locked up and poised to make a big return in the future that’s a great question because now that Zemo is headed back to prison at the raft via Dora Melange airlines. We can only assume that another prison break awaits our favorite Sokovian Baron. This has us wondering what other MCu villains that we have met before are out there whether waiting for someone to spring them from prison or bring them in from a life on the run. For this big question, we’re not looking at villains who are assumed to be dead slash permanently gone and could somehow magically make their return or reappear such as Red Skull Darren cross the yellow jacket that we saw very disturbingly die in Ant-man 1 potentially and Whiplash or Aldrich Killian No. These are villains that are just doing their time in the pokey or just laying low waiting to come back and get to work on some new nefarious deeds.

Now Lets Start Off With Some Incarcerated Villains.

Shall we let us start with the jail folk first off Zemo and he’s headed to the raft of course, which is the famous underground prison. We see in Captain America Civil War and it’s a prison for those who are biologically or technologically advanced primarily and like we’re not 100 sure as to its location within the MCu but um it’s probably somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Since in the comics, the raft is placed near Rikers Island in New York City or in general not just that’s a good question. You know I was thinking about that I was wondering if we’re going to see Zemo in the next we got one more episode left right by the time this airs.

Well Have This Question Answered So I

don’t know if this chime in will make any sense but yeah. It’ll be interesting to see how the the show wraps up Zemo’s storyline Yeah and if we even have him in the raft for an extended period of time or if he’s just dropping. by for a quick visit like my cousins who would go to jail on weekends just to stop by say Hi to the friends, you know friends and family that was a little issue Yeah exactly then I just break out before Monday. You know like that’s a nice little weekend plan I should go to prison. I should just go to prison this weekend just say hi you know we can avoid it.

Now We Can Assume That There Are Some

other enhanced villains at the raft. Some we’ve yet to meet in the MCu and potentially some we have already been introduced to. But for now the only villain that we really can be for certain is on the raft is zemo so and then there’s also Emil Blonsky the abomination if you remember from the 2008 incredible Hulk film with Edward Norton who is not Mark Ruffalo. But also play the incredible Hulk at one point if you are a child you probably don’t remember but it’s it’s an important part of our marvel history, so yes you should watch it read your books and watch your old movies seriously just like Black and White 2008 just amazing era just kidding though now, according to Agents of Shield, the last known location of Abomination is in a cryo cell at a shield facility called the Vault in Barrow Alaska and while agents of Shield isn’t necessarily considered canon in the MCu Kevin Feige didn’t confirm in 2017 that the abomination is in a prison somewhere so who knows well. I I think that makes sense though because we we don’t have a lot.

I Mean We Have Thunderbolt Ross From

that movie but other than that like I think Marvel probably due to the fact that they. parted ways with Edward Norton, whether it was a mickable and just you know creative vision thing they haven’t really carried a lot of other things from that movie over as yeah, Whereas like you know usually, these movies are mined for like every little precious resource. They have that can be brought back in a you know a deleted scene or a post–credit scene. Like so far that the 2008 Hulk remains a a wealth of of things. We could we could we could reintroduce into the MCu so I look forward to that I hope no yeah for sure I feel like Kevin Feige was like for a long time anyway because the first incredible Hulk movie had Edward Norton and it didn’t really do all that well He was just like let’s pretend it really didn’t happen like let’s just introduce a new hulk and just forget.

What You Got There Its A

smoothie when Roz came in with You know civil war and all that and you know they’re starting to slowly reintroduce elements of that movie. So when we do see Emil Blonty again. It will be really dope to actually get some some of incredible hulk of visibility because I’m tired of all the incredible Hulk erasure I don’t know what I’m saying anyway moving forward here we go and speaking of that Kevin Feige quote. It came in response to a question about abomination and another potential mcu villain, Samuel Stearns, aka the leader now the last we saw of Samuel Stearns was his big ol throbbing head after being infected with Bruce Banner‘s irradiated blood. Now comic fans will recognize Samuel Stearns as the leader a Hulk villain with a genius level intellect telekinesis and telepathy powers all thanks.

To That Big Old Noggin And

it’s quite big and it is very disturbing to look at when it’s when it’s moving around it’s. I wish. I had that excuse for why my head is so huge when I was obviously the same. I have a big black melon here and it was a radiant wear baseball hats for the most part. I wish there was something that they had powers to offset that embarrassment.

You Know How Bad I Want To

wear a snapback. I’m dying to wear a snapback. You know what I could move things with my mind exactly that would be clutch. You know what big head gang we gonna be moving in 2021. You know that’s the goal big head game Oh my God so suggestive getting big head from peace you can only watch this after midnight.

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M-a-l-s-v. limited series comic The Avengers Prelude Fury’s Big Week. Natasha Romanov found Samuel Stern in the lab while monitoring Bruce Banner and took him into shield custody where he could be or whether or not he’s still in shield custody remains to be seen, but we’ll see what happens I mean I’m personally very much looking forward to seeing more of the leader I’ve. I thought that the leader was behind a couple of things in the Mcu in the past, but it turns out it wasn’t the leader so I feel like we’ll be seeing the leader very soon. Yes yes we’re owed we’re owed some leader action.

Were Owed Some Leadership Following The

leader the leader the leader and of course there’s also one of everyone’s favorite Mcu villains of all time, the Vulture from Spider-man homecoming Adrian Tombs aka the Vulture was last seen serving time. Prison like We don’t get a confirmation of which prison he’s at I mean possibly Rikers Island, but wherever he is They sure have some nice white uniforms and now At the end of the Morbius trailer, we actually get a brief glimpse of Michael Keaton, who plays Adrian Toombs, who appears to still be wearing the very same white uniform, possibly being transported to another facility. Now we’ll have to wait and see what happens in that film, but until then we have to mention another prisoner tombs runs into you, which is of course scorpion by my favorite actor from far Cry 3. um I forget his name but um I love him. I love him.

Hes A Great Actor Matt Gargan, Who Comic

book readers will recognize as a spider–man villain Scorpion, while we haven’t seen him don the mechanical poisonous tale quite yet we have to. Marvel could introduce Scorpion in the near future. I mean Dreams and Gargan could potentially escape together, but it didn’t really look like They were getting along too well at the end of Spider-man homecoming so maybe not that’s right I can’t I need more adrian tombs in my life Though Oh my God yes he was such a great bad guy. In that movie I I yeah more more more please like I fell for him like you genuinely feel for that character. It’s like Oh damn yeah They’re doing such a great job in those movies of making the villains pretty three-dimensional for the most part and so you’re like Oh man like this guy’s not so bad gonna see murderous people it’s fine he only murdered the original stalker in cold blood.

Its Totally Fine I Mean To Be Fair.

He didn’t know it was gonna do that that’s true that is very true. It’s an accident so you know if murder is an accident. It’s fine did I do that don’t forget him. I don’t want to go no murder We don’t condone murder.

This Is A.

This is a anti-murder show yes we’re strictly anti-murder here um if you’re pro murderer sorry you’re gonna have to unsubscribe sorry haters sorry sorry life haters. We just love life here blocking out the haters and of course we have to mention Justin Hammer. Now we last seen the tony stark foil at Seagate penitentiary in the all hail the King Marvel one shot and of course.

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Seagate Is A Prison Located On

an island off the coast of Georgia. And justin was locked up with another Ironman villain by the name of Mandarin, but not the real Mandarin Just like the fake actor Mandarin, played by Trevor Slattery, who was played by Ben Kingsley, which is great and I love him that voice I had forgotten. I I just rewatched that movie recently. I had forgotten that that’s the voice Ben Kingsley did for that character.

Oh Man.

This is truly incredible. We don’t talk enough about this before right yo.


Tommy Beckham hosts the latest episode of The X-Men and The X Factor . The cast reunites after Baron Zemo is sent back to prison via the Dora Moulage . This week’s episode focuses on Falcon and Winter soldier . The team is a dream team, but whenever we are together it’s peaches and cream on new rock stars. We’re not looking at villains who are assumed to be dead slash permanently gone and could somehow magically make their return or reappear such as Red Skull Darren cross the yellow jacket that we saw very disturbingly die in Ant-man 1 potentially and Whiplash or Aldrich Killian No. No. 1 potentially . We can only assume that another prison break awaits our favorite Sokovian Baron. Baron. Zemo . We’re looking for villains that we have met before are out there whether waiting for someone to spring them from prison or bring them in from a life on the run. It’s a great question for us to ask ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video